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This is not quite a confession buy a simple truth: I Buy Twitter Followers and so do most other businesses and marketers. For a long time, I was a bit of a sucker, I tried to build my Twitter following the old fashion and slow way. I would work my butt of and try to follow a ton of other people to see if they would follow me back. This isn’t a bad technique, it just takes too darn long. What really got my blood boiling were seeing these new Twitter users gain 1000 followers in a week.

I always wondered how they did this and how could I do it too. It would take me two years to learn what they were doing but only 15 minutes for you to get it. This article will discuss the Twitter pack mindset and why you have to herd Twitter followers. We will also go into the concept of social proof and why you have to have it on Twitter. After reading this article you will understand why you need to buy Twitter followers to quickly build your following.

****Pay attention to this part: When we say buy high quality twitter followers, we do not count those bought twitter followers into our true total of twitter followers. So if I start off with 100 twitter followers and buy 1000 twitter followers, I never count that 1000 into my total count of twitter followers.

Social Proof & The Pack Mentality

Since we don’t buy twitter followers to count as our total followers, then why do we buy them? Thank you so much for asking that question. We purchase twitter followers legit because without a high following count, less people are willing to follow us. It sound so superficial and high school like but it is true. Twitter people want to be friends with the cool kids, On twitter you become the cool kid by having a ton of followers. So, if you are getting started and have few followers, so few people will follow you.

Social proof is the cornerstone of this mentality. The more followers you have the more social proof you have. That pack mentality makes them believe that you are more worthy if you have a ton of twitter followers. In my case, I was the same business but I wasn’t worthy of following until others were already following me. Unfortunately, this is the game that we must play to takeover twitter. You must unfortunately prove that others like you so that even more people will like you. It’s childish but people socially never grow up. So it is up to us to exploit their herd mentality by providing false social proof that eventual turns into real social proof.

By now, you should realize that Twitter is a popularity contest and to get a large following you must have a following. We create this large following by purchasing twitter followers to make us appear more popular than we already are so that we can become popular.

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